Wolfscote Dale

To the south of Hartington are the two beautiful dales of Beresford and Wolfscote that run into each other. There isn\'t that much rock, but three bits are worthy of attention giving some good esoteric routes in picturesque surroundings. The dividing line between the two dales is unclear. Pike Crag is definitely in Beresford Dale, Drabber Tor is in Wolfscote and The Celestial Twins could be in either. We have called it all \'Wolfscote Dale\'.
Each crag has at least one classic making a visit worthwhile, with a few other tasty morsels to enhance the experience. The routes are seldom popular but the dales themselves, particularly around the Left Celestial Twin, are busy with walkers. It is possible to pick a route or two from each crag, although Drabber Tor is quite a long walk including a wade at the end. The routes are natural limestone which is reasonably solid on the main lines, but take care on the less popular routes, especially on the Left Celestial Twin if there are walkers below.

Buttress Order Climb Grade Stars

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