Isla del Descobridor - DWS

This amazing, sausage-shaped island is set just a few metres off the coast, about 4km west of the massive headland feature of Cap de la Nau. The island crag is accessed by way of another nudist beach, by the name of Playa de Ambolo. The beach in question is found by dropping down off the Cap road. Boaters, simply get paddling - the beach is your base and the Evening Light Wall is only 30m from the mainland. For dry-bag explorers of the Evening Light Wall, just boulder-hop the pebbly beach south-westwards until the end of the island closes in, then swim the 30m to get there. The island is about 400m long with all sunny aspects covered. The areas described here are approximately divided into the individual crags' sunshine times. One day a fully-boated and equipped crew might hit the isle and do the lot, but in the meantime, here's a taster. All routes established so far have been jumped from, almost always from good finishing ledges or small caves. Nothing highball has been established, and all routes so far have been around S1.

Order Climb Buttress Stars Grade
Disco Labrador Morning Light Wall 1 6a+ S1
Jazz Morning Light Wall 1 6a+ S1
Amos Afternoon Light Wall 3 6c+ S0
Boat People Afternoon Light Wall 2 6c S0
Disco Traverse Afternoon Light Wall 1 6a+ S0
Disco Arete Afternoon Light Wall 2 6b+ S0

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