Buoux (pronounced "bee-you-ks") is the pocket-pulling capital - a mixture of limestone and sandstone, the rock has a dazzling array of pockets, some tiny, some huge - in Buoux even the pockets have pockets in them! In other words it helps to like pockets if you climb here. It isn't all pockets though since the red and brown rock gives even more variety, especially on the middle section of the cliff.

For a while, the word 'Buoux' was synonymous the golden age of sport climbing, and an icon of sport climbing itself. Sadly though, it became a victim of its own success when sections of the cliff were banned due to cheapskate climbers dossing and polluting the woods around the crag. These access difficulties have now been resolved but it goes without saying that climbers still need to show respect and behave sensibly.

Buttress Order Climb Grade Stars

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