Blackwell Dale

Blackwell Dale is the small unspectacular dale leading up from Miller\'s Dale towards the A6. Beginners\' Wall itself is hidden in the trees above the road and, if you drive too quickly, you will miss it.Beginners\' Wall itself must be one of the most inappropriately-named crags in the Peak. There is very little for the beginner here although it was originally given the name because it was a good place to learn aid climbing. These days it is most popular as a bouldering venue although the sport routes do get ascents.The main attraction is the route from which the crag takes its name. Most of the other quality routes are really just derivatives of this. There are a few exceptionally bouldery routes on the left-hand side of the crag for those who found the main routes a bit straightforward.

Order Climb Buttress Stars Grade
The Midges Bite Back Beginners' Wall 7a+
Citadel Beginners' Wall 1 E3 5c
O'Leanna the Butler Dunn It! Beginners' Wall 7c+
The Love of Money is the Root of All Evil Beginners' Wall 8a+
Fossil Wall Beginners' Wall 2 7c
Let's Get Physical Beginners' Wall 2 8a+
Let's Get Fossilised Beginners' Wall 2 7c+
Let's Get Physical Right-hand Beginners' Wall 2 7c
Beginners' Wall Beginners' Wall 1 7b+
Middle Age Spread Beginners' Wall 7b+
A Bigger Slap Beginners' Wall 2 7b+
Dole Technician Beginners' Wall 1 E4

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